Neutering you pet is a must! Neutering can help prevent illnesses and some unwanted behaviours as well as preventing unwanted litters. As a branch we have some funds to assist members of public with neutering their pets. If you are struggling to afford the cost of neutering please contact as soon as possible on 0208 966 9688 to see if we can help.

Why should I get my pet neutered?
Neutering has many health benefits for your pet. It can prevent them from developing serious health issues in the future, such as certain types of cancer or Pyometra – a life-threatening infection of the womb.
Neutering also stops your pet from having unwanted litters – leaving you with the associated costs and the difficult task of finding loving homes. There are already thousands of unwanted animals in shelters and rescue centres and neutering your pet means you won’t add to the problem.
Whether you own a dog, cat or a smaller animal neutering can help your pet to live longer and enjoy a better quality of life