Hello, my name is The Moon Boys

The Moon Boys

A little bit about me..

This little Russian hamster family were rescued by one of our inspectors after being found abandoned in their cage in a local park.

Copernicus and Koray all have names connected to the moon as they are generally nocturnal. They will be looking for new homes as single lads when they reach 6 weeks old but are already independent of their mums.
They are friendly and enjoy being handled and having exercise time in a safe environment outside their cage.

Russian hamsters need to be housed separately in a low level cage at least 80cm long with bar spacing of less than 0.7cm and plenty of things to do and explore.

Key features

  • 2-4 Months
  • grey and white
  • Male
  • Indoors.

Requirements to adopt me

Hamster Annual Costs

Can you afford a Hamster?

  • Can you afford £5 per week for a hamster including suitable food, fresh fruit and vegetables?
  • When required, can you afford the unexpected vet treatment a hamster may need throughout their life?
  • Can you afford to board your hamster when you go on holiday or do you have a responsible friend or family member who can do this?

Adoption Charges

Hamsters £10

If you would like to go ahead and adopt a hamster view those currently available below, make a note of the name and reference number of those you are interested in and then:

Phone: (020) 8966 9688 or Email: info@rspcamiddlesex.org.uk


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