Hello, my name is Rocket



A little bit about me..

Misunderstood and overlooked poor little Rocket man has been waiting a year for someone to fall in love with him and offer him a loving home.

Rocket is one of several rabbits abandoned outside the RSPCA's cattery in Southall in February 2018.  Sadly despite his incredible good looks Rocket isn't everyone's cup of tea cause he can be a bit of a lunger and trouser tugger but not all the time, he will also tolerate being held for short periods too, too long and he will start tugging on your jumper though. 

He is a very active little sole and loves to keep busy exploring and investigating, so he is going to need lots of space to explore, and would relish the chance to have supervised runs around a bunny proof garden.

Rocket, like most rabbits, isn't very keen to be picked up, preferring all 4 paws safely on the ground, he is a bold fellow and will always come up to take food from you and have a quick head stroke. Yes he has a few foibles but there is a lot of character packed into this little body and if someone were willing to give him a chance we're sure he would soon win their hearts.

Rocket is looking for a neutered female companion to share his new life with. He is best suited to life as an outdoor rabbit with lots of room to explore.

Key features

  • 2-4 Years
  • Tan & white
  • Male
  • Outdoors. Can live with other pets.

Requirements to adopt me

Rabbit Annual Costs

Can you afford a Rabbit?

  • Can you afford £5 per week for a pair of rabbits including pellets, hay, fresh fruit and vegetables?
  • Can you afford £5 per month pet insurance for each rabbit? By taking out rabbit insurance your rabbit is covered for many types of illness and injury and should a trip to the vets become necessary, treatment can begin without the added stress of worrying about how you will pay for it.
  • Can you afford a vaccination each year at approximately £35 per rabbit?
  • When required, can you afford the unexpected vet treatment a rabbit may need throughout their life which is not covered by pet insurance, such a dental treatment?
  • Can you afford to board your rabbit when you go on holiday or do you have a responsible friend or family member who can do this?

Rabbit adoption charges

Rabbit £40

These charges will include:

  • A health check
  • Microchipping
  • Vaccination against Myxomatosis, VHD1 & VHD2
  • Neutering (for rabbits too young to be neutered at the time of adoption a voucher will be provided to cover the cost of this procedure)

If you would like to go ahead and adopt a rabbit then view those currently available and simply click the contact us button.

Phone: (020) 8966 9688 or Email: info@rspcamiddlesex.org.uk

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