Hello, my name is Bella and Mia

Bella and Mia

A little bit about me..

Bella and Mia are a pair of 2 year old females hoping to find a loving new home with lots of space for hopping about and exploring after being signed over to the branch due to a change in circumstances. Unfortunately a move to share accommodation left the girls stuck in a shed in a tiny cage with barely room to turn around. 

Bella and Mia are sweet rabbits who are easily handled, they are looking for a home as outdoor rabbit where they will have plenty of room to do rabbity things, the chance to explore a bunny proof garden when supervised would also be ideal. 


Requirements to adopt me

Rabbit Annual Costs

Can you afford a Rabbit?

  • Can you afford £5 per week for a pair of rabbits including pellets, hay, fresh fruit and vegetables?
  • Can you afford £5 per month pet insurance for each rabbit? By taking out rabbit insurance your rabbit is covered for many types of illness and injury and should a trip to the vets become necessary, treatment can begin without the added stress of worrying about how you will pay for it.
  • Can you afford a vaccination each year at approximately £35 per rabbit?
  • When required, can you afford the unexpected vet treatment a rabbit may need throughout their life which is not covered by pet insurance, such a dental treatment?
  • Can you afford to board your rabbit when you go on holiday or do you have a responsible friend or family member who can do this?

Rabbit adoption charges

Rabbit £40

These charges will include:

  • A health check
  • Microchipping
  • Vaccination against Myxomatosis, VHD1 & VHD2
  • Neutering (for rabbits too young to be neutered at the time of adoption a voucher will be provided to cover the cost of this procedure)

If you would like to go ahead and adopt a rabbit then view those currently available and simply click the contact us button.

Phone: (020) 8966 9688 or Email: info@rspcamiddlesex.org.uk

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